CSV uploads are a great way to save time! By using existing data from your HRIS or other sources, you can quickly create a large review for your team.

  • How to create and format the CSV file

  • How to upload CSV

  • Troubleshooting

How to create and format the CSV file

In order for the participant upload to be successful, the file has to have a specific format.

You can download a template within the tool, as demonstrated below:

  1. Add all recipients emails in the first column

  2. If you would like to indicate reviewers*, add them to the appropriate column and row for each recipient

  3. Make sure the file is saved as CSV

*You can add additional columns for each reviewer by including "reviewer_x_email" where 'x' is the reviewer number for that recipient    

  • The titles of the columns have to match as shown in the template or image above

  • No self-assessment pairings can be added within the file. If there is a self-assessment in your review, add it directly in the review settings 

  • Automated reviewer selection based on the review type does not apply when uploading participants via CSV.
    For example, if you have a performance review
    - when manually adding recipients, the managers are automatically selected as reviewers
    - when using the CSV participant upload, this automated selection will not work.

  • If you want to allow peer selection, please add it in the review settings and leave reviewer columns blank in the CSV file

How to upload CSV

  1. In the participant section of the review setup, select 'Add participants'

  2. There are two choices to add participants at this step: manual selection and CSV upload. Select 'Upload CSV'    

  3. Choose the formatted file (see instructions on how to format below) from your computer to upload

  4. Once selected to upload the file, you will see the following message on the screen:

Warning! Please use your HRIS to source user data for this upload, since that is typically the best source for this information.If you do not have HRIS or other systems where this information is stored, you can export user data from Activity page/People section of Impraise as a short-cut.


Here are a few tips if you encounter an error message:

  • Please make sure the file follows the formatting rules as shown above

  • Double-check the email in your CSV matches the appropriate email in Impraise

  • Ensure the latest version of staff is uploaded in Impraise or via your HRIS  integration

  • Double-check for spelling errors

If the file is too large:

  • Split the upload into 2 files

If the CSV file is empty:

If the uploaded file is not CSV:

If you do not receive a confirmation email that the file has been uploaded:

  1. Check your spam/junk mail

  2. Double-check the review to see whether the participants have been added

  3. If participants are not loaded, try uploading the file again

  4. If unsuccessful, please reach out to Customer Support

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