As an admin, you can upload new users or edit current user's details via a CSV upload saving you time from manually editing information 1 by 1. You can also export user information to have an overview of all users in one file.

This article covers the following:

  • How to format the CSV file

  • How to upload a user data file

  • Export user data

Important information:

  • All data except for email and external ID's can be edited for existing Users via CSV

  • New User data is added to the existing User database. 

  • If you would like to edit a current employee's email address, do this manually via 'User management'

This feature is only available for organizations that do not have an SFTP connection with Impraise. To find out more about SFTP, see here.


Email or external ID's are the main identifier for users. If edited via CSV, the profile will be duplicated.

Changing team names via CSV upload or SFTP connection may cause Team Objectives to be deleted.

Please reach out to us if you need to make a company-wide email or external ID change.

How to format the CSV file

Our system currently supports import files that are in a .CSV format 

Here is a template you can use for your User data upload.

When creating your CSV, please note that the following fields are mandatory:

  • name 

  • email

  • admin - add 'TRUE' for the users that should have admin rights 

  • role - if your organization does not want to use roles/job titles in Impraise, leave the fields blank

  • direct_manager_email -  if a person does not have a direct manager, leave this field blank

The following fields are not mandatory:

  • external_id 

  • direct_manager_name

  • deactivated - if you would like to deactivate or reactivate user accounts on Impraise, use this column and mark as   "true" or "false" (true - deactivate; false - do not deactivate)

  • teams[0]

  • teams[1] - a user can be assigned to multiple teams. If you want to add an additional team to users, create a new column and name it "team[1]", if 3rd team then add a column "team[2]".For users that do not have an additional team, just leave the fields blank

  • people_manager - this allows you to filter analytics on managers “true” or direct reports, “false”, to see how active your managers are in Impraise. This field is not displayed in the Impraise interface. 

  • location - this can be useful to filter activity between different offices 

You can also add custom fields to your file.
For example, if you would like to add a city where an employee is based, add a column "City".

You can also use the export file feature that will give you the format you can use and make changes.

How to Upload a User Data File 

  1. Go to 'User management'

  2. Select 'User Data Import/Export'    

  3. Select 'Import users' and a pop-up window will appear

  4. Click 'Choose file to upload'    

  5. Select the CSV file from your device and click 'upload' (Make sure that your file is in CSV format)

  6. You will see the title of your file on the pop-up window. Click on 'Next step'  

  7. Now you are able to map the columns to the fields in Impraise and make changes if needed.    

  8. Click 'Import'

  9. Next, you will see the file upload progress and once complete all fields will be confirmed with a green checkbox  

  10. Well Done! You are all finished!

If something in the file is incorrect, you will see a message specifying the error   

Check your file and upload it again.

Export User data

This feature allows you to download the current data on active users on Impraise.

It can be used for updating information and importing the new user data file and checking if your organization is using external IDs in Impraise.

To export the file: 

  • Go to 'User management'

  • Select 'User Data Import/Export' from the top menu

  • Select 'Export users' and a pop-up window will appear advising the export can take a few minutes and give you the option to wait or have the export emailed to you

  • Once complete you will see the following message

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