When setting up a review, you should first think of the goal you are trying to achieve with the review or the survey and select questions that are in line with that goal. Do you want to increase alignment? Performance reviews will result in alignment between employees and managers. Peer review will improve development and growth across your organizations. Pulse surveys will give you and your manager actionable insights around employee engagement.

It is also important to decide which answer type you want to use for each question:

  • Do you want quantifiable data after a review? Use the rating scale answer type (optional to ask for a comment)

  • Do you want to use a frequency scale or something different from your organization's number scale? Use the multiple-choice answer type (optional to ask for a comment)

  • Is qualitative feedback more important? Select an open-ended answer.

For each of these reviews or surveys, we have provided example questions for you to use. Use your own questions, pick from the example questions provided, or make a combination. You can also find the review instructions (and reviewer selection instructions where applicable), as well as communication examples to make it easy and quick to set up your review or survey.

Performance Reviews
Classic Performance Review
Performance/ Potential Review
Take 5 check-in
Developmental Review

New Hire Check-In

Peer Reviews
Classic Peer Review

Development Values Peer Review
Company Values Review

Leadership Reviews
Leadership Review


Career Journey

External Reviews


Client Relationship

Company Surveys

Engagement Survey

Remote Working Pulse Survey
Onboarding Survey

Exit Survey

Not sure of the best type of review for what you want to achieve or what questions to ask? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for guidance.

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