The Competency Library is a selection of Categories and skills which can be added to Impraise. 

There are 2 ways competencies can be used in Impraise: 

  1. Ask for feedback on competencies

  2. As an admin, you can include competencies in a Review as questions or skills to be rated

This article includes: 

  • What is a Competency Library? 

  • How to add our Organization's Competency Library to Impraise

What is a Competency Library?

A competency library is a framework for defining the skill and knowledge requirements within your organization.  

Use your current competency model

If you already have a competency model in place, you can reflect this model in Impraise. You can also include your company values as part of the competency model. 

Don't have a competency model?

  • Make a selection of the generic competencies from the Impraise Competency Library, which you can find here in English. Try to select skills that go along with your company's vision, mission, and values.

  • Build your own competency model. Be aware that creating a competency model is a big project which takes collaboration, and considerable effort to define and make relevant to your organization. 

Keep the following formulation rules in mind:

  • Keep your competency model as clear and concise as possible. We would advise starting with no more than 5-7 categories, with 4-6 skills each. 

  • Competencies should measure only 1 topic. E.g. 'Good communication and easy to work with' measures two constructs, 'Communication' and 'Presentation' and should therefore not be combined into 1 competency.

Where and how to add your Organization's Competency Library

  1. From an account with Admin rights, click on 'Settings' from the navigation bar

  2. Click on the 'Feedback' tab

  3. Select 'Competency Model'

Here you can add/edit categories and create skills for each category:

  1. Click in the text field 'Add new category' and enter the name of the category and press 'Enter'

  2. Select the category you want to add skills for

  3. Click in the text field 'Add new skill' and enter the description of the skill and press 'Enter'

  4. The content will be autosaved.

  • You can add as many skills to a category as you would like.

  • To edit the category, select the "edit" option on the right hand side

  • To change the order click on the dots to the left of the skill and drag them to the desired order.

Delete a Category 

  • To edit/delete a skill, hover over the skill, and on the right, you will see the edit and delete options.

  • To delete a category, select the category and on the right side select 'Delete Category' and confirm the action. 

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