As a manager, you can ask for feedback about your direct reports to get a broader view on their achievements and areas where you can provide development support.

The functionality of the feature is very similar to the 'Ask for Feedback' feature, with additional options to select the:

  • feedback recipient

  • feedback giversĀ 

  • set the privacy of the feedback

Request form

Click the blue "Ask for feedback" button under your name in the lower left corner.

1. Selecting the recipient and reviewers.

  • Click on "Feedback About" and select your direct report you would like to ask feedback about.

  • Click on people's icon in "Search people here" to choose who you want to ask for the feedback from.

Tip: you can also add a self-assessment for your direct report in the feedback request.

2. Set the privacy policies

As a manager, you can select if your direct report will have access to the feedback report and set the anonymity of feedback givers.

3. Title & Description

Give your feedback request a title (1) and provide some context for your colleagues (2) in the two boxes shown below. Choose a title that lets your colleagues know what you are asking for.

4. Questions

Choose the topics which your colleagues will be asked to rate and give feedback on. You can include topics from the Competency Library of your organization, custom topics, or both.

Tip: Real-time feedback requests are meant to be short check-ins done frequently, so we suggest choosing three to four questions at most.

4.1 Answer types

Choose how the questions in your request should be answered. Once you have selected a question, click on 'Answer types' and select from the options:

Note: The Rating scale is set per organization and the scale (ie. Score from 1-8) available to you might be different than the one shown on the image.

5. Finish and send

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Ask for feedback". Notifications about the request will be automatically sent to your colleagues!

Once people have given feedback, you can see the report in your own Feedback tab.

Tip: After you have sent your request, you can add additional reviewers by clicking on 'Add reviewers to this request' in the feedback report.

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