Once you have run your test with your Champions, it's important to collect feedback on their experience. 

What to get feedback on?

These are the topics you could get feedback on:

  • Communication and instructions

  • Their first general experience in Impraise 

  • Reviews - Did the review questions make sense?

  • Peer reviews - How was the peer selection process?

  • Praise/Tip - How did it feel to give/receive feedback?

  • Ask for feedback - How easy/intuitive was it to use the ask for feedback?

  • Goals - were people able to efficiently set up their goals?

  • 1:1s - were people to easily set up and edit their 1:1s?

How to get feedback?

You could gather feedback from your champions via email, a Slack channel or setting up 1:1 meetings. You could also use the ask-for feedback function from your HR Admin account! 

What to do with your Champion's feedback?

This is the most important part of your test! This is your opportunity to learn what people found confusing and hear about any obstacles they encountered. 

Once you know these challenges, you can update your communication so that the rest of the company doesn't experience the same challenges. 

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