Setting expectations are crucial to employee's personal and professional development. A well-set goal or OKR is the first step to success.

As a manager, you can support your direct reports by setting goals and objectives on their behalf. We recommend you do this in collaboration with your direct report.

The functionality of setting a goal or objective for your direct report is the same as setting your own.

In order to set a goal or objective for your direct report:

  • Go to your direct reports profile page via the 'People' tab

  • Select the 'Goals and OKRs' tab 

  • Click 'Set a new goal for...'

You can choose from 2 types of goals: 

  • Development Goals: Development Goals help individuals improve the skills needed to advance in their career.

  • Business Objectives: Business Objectives help individuals focus on measurable contributions to the team and organization.

Next step is to give the goal or objective a title, description and set the visibility

Set milestones

Set the deadline

In the overview, you are able to edit, delete and change the status of the goal or objective

Note: You can only edit and delete the goals and objectives that you have set on behalf of your direct reports. The goals and objectives set by themselves can only be edited by them.

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