Provide context or collaborate on objectives with the Contributor visibility level. Collaborate with Contributors by giving them the same editing rights as your manager. 

When you are setting your personal business objectives and do not wish to share them with the entire organization, but would like your team or certain peers/mentors to have access and/or contribute, then you can share your objectives by:

  • Adding them as a Contributor to your objective so they can change status and leave notes on your objective (just as your manager can)

How to add a contributor:

Navigate to the personal objective you would like to add a contributor to. On the right-hand side, you will have the option to add your colleague.

Note: You can only add contributors to an already created objective. This option is not available during the process of setting up a new objective.

Note: Your manager will automatically be selected as a contributor.

You can remove contributors by selecting the list of contributors and removing them from the list:

Note: You cannot remove your manager as a contributor.

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