As an admin, you can export a file with the 1:1 relationship activity for your organization.

Know that 1:1s are happening to ensure follow up conversations are fostering development company-wide.  

You can use this data to know who in the organization has 1:1 relationships and how recently they've added new topics or notes. 

Go to the Activity page and select the 1:1s tab on the top.

Select 'Download 1:1 Report'. The export is set in a CSV format, learn how to convert the export file into an Excel file or Google sheet here.

The export will provide you with a list of created relationships per person and the time when they were created.

Per relationship you are able to see:

  • last topic created type

  • last topic created at

  • last topic created by 

  • last topic completed at

  • last topic completed by 

  • last topic completed type

  • last note created at (does not show for which topic)

  • last note created by (does not show for which topic)

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