Why you should create a generic HR Admin Account

We recommend creating a generic HR Admin account to Impraise during onboarding for 3 reasons:

1. Report Access

Adding the HR Admin Account as an observer to your reviews will ensure that your HR team will have access to full review reports and analytics - at any time. 

Think of this account as a sort of "filing cabinet". Having an HR Admin Account as an observer means you're not reliant on anyone in order to gain access to a review report. This means you don't need to worry when a manager is out on holiday or when a team member is off sick. 

2. Engagement/Pulse Surveys and General Company Feedback

Using the HR Admin Account for company feedback ensures that the feedback is not tied to an individual's profile, so it's easily accessible even after team members leave the organization.

  1. Use this account as the 'feedback recipient' in engagement or pulse surveys to collect general company feedback. 

  2. From this account, you can use the 'Ask for Feedback' feature to collect real-time feedback from the company - for example after a company All-Hands or offsite event.

  3. Encourage your team to send Praises or Tips to the HR Admin Account as a way for them to give feedback without having to wait for the next engagement survey. 

3. Ensure Anonymity Settings and Privacy 

By either adding this account as an observer to reviews or as the receiver of company feedback, you can ensure continuity of anonymity and privacy settings. 

Example: As an admin, if you share the results of an anonymous engagement survey from your personal account, the report will show your name because as a participant you have access to your own feedback. When you share the anonymous report from the HR Admin Account, the report will remain completely anonymous.  

How to create a generic HR Admin Account

Create the account by following the instructions here with your generic HR email account (example: HR@company.com or People@company.com). If you do not have a generic HR email account and you're not able to create one, please contact Support@impraise.com or consult your Customer Success Manager.

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