Personal development goals can help you achieve and grow in areas outside of your performance. Do you want to improve your leadership skills or want to learn a new programming language? Set a personal development goal and make sure to use milestones to help you track your progress and achieve your goals.

How to set a Personal Development Goal

Any user can create their own personal development goal. All the managers can set a goal on behalf of their direct reports.

On the Navigation Bar, select the Goals and OKRs page. Click Set new objective, in the upper right corner. A pop up will appear, asking you to select an objective type. Please do so, then follow the steps below.

Create the objective

  1. From the Goals and OKRs page, navigate to ‘create an objective’

  2. Select ‘personal development goal’ in the dropdown menu

  3. Add the title of the goal in the title field

  4. Set the visibility of your goal. It’s automatically visible to your manager (in case you have one). You can extend the visibility to everyone in your company

  5. Select the due date

  6. Click ‘set goal’

Optional: you can add a goal description

Add Milestones

Adding Milestones to your Personal Development Goal will help break it into more manageable, bite-sized pieces and allow you to see progress over time.

  1. From a previously created goal create a key result by clicking ‘add milestone’ on the bottom of the page.

  2. Add a title for your milestone

  3. Add a title and from the dropdown menu, you can select a metric type: task completion, #, $ or %, and click ‘Save

  4. Optional: If you selected either a unit of measurement (#, $ or %), then enter your target.

  5. Continue adding milestones

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