In today's work environment, unemployment is low, job openings are high, and people have many choices when it comes to where they want to work. Therefore it’s important to engage and retain employees from day one. A strong employee onboarding process can help you accomplish that, while also helping new hires ramp-up faster, so they can be productive sooner.

Improve your onboarding effectiveness with Impraise by checking in with your new hires after their onboarding period has ended and again after 100 days and get insights into your new hire's perception of eg. the role, manager, company, training materials, etc.

By doing so you'll be able to quickly detect what's going well and what can be improved for the individual, and take action accordingly. Besides, it will provide you with valuable feedback on how to improve the start of your Employee Journey for others.

Click here to find 3 examples of Onboarding Check-ins, including the instruction on how to set these up in Impraise.

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