Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are becoming an increasingly popular goal-setting framework. Often it is the HR Leader's responsibility to roll out this new way of working.

For Part 8 of our Remote Work & COVID-19 Response Series, we talk to OKR expert, Melanie Wessels, on her tips and tricks on how to successfully work with OKRs to align and engage your workforce.

Did you know that it takes time to move from a task mindset to a results mindset? Have you ever considered using OKRs in your personal life? Did you know that introducing OKRs is a learning- and iterative process? Watch the interview below to find out more:

Jump ahead to specific moments:

  • What are OKRs - 0:52

  • The Difference between Smart goals and OKRs - 1:39

  • Key benefit of Using OKRs - 2:23

  • Tips on how to introduce OKRs in your organization - 3:31

  • How to know if your Organization is ready to start with OKRs - 5:16

  • The importance of Leadership Buy-in - 6:54

  • Tips from Melanie on how to gain buy-in to drive adoption - 8:02

  • How to increase the quality of your OKRs - 9:00

  • The ideal # of OKRs you should recommend your workforce - 10:51

  • Advice from Melanie on HR leaders beginning with OKRs - 11:43

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you want to learn more about OKRs in Impraise, or if you want to get in touch with Melanie Wessels.

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