Review Overview

Select Reviews on the navigation menu to go to your Review Overview. As an admin, you can see all reviews from all time for your company including:

  • The type of review

  • The review title

  • Who created the review

  • The dates of the review

  • The review status

You can filter by Status (Draft, Scheduled, Ongoing, Ended) or Type (Peer review, Performance review, Leadership review, Custom review, or Pulse survey) to narrow down your search.

You can also use the search bar to search for a specific review or set of reviews by typing keywords like "Mid-year review" or "Q2 2020" to match with review titles.

Types of Reviews

There are five different types of Reviews to select from. Make sure when setting up your review to select the one that makes the most sense for the review you are creating.

Peer review

Participants will be asked to select people they would like to receive feedback from, or you can select reviewers for them.

Performance review

Managers will be asked to review their direct reports.

Leadership review

Team members will be asked to review their managers.

Custom review

You can manually define who will give & receive feedback, or use reviewer selection.

Pulse Survey

Measure engagement through a quick survey.

It is optional to add a self-assessment to any review type (except for the Pulse Survey). With a self-assessment, receivers are also asked to complete the same questions about themselves.

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