By inviting people outside of your organization to participate as a reviewer in a review, you can allow your team to get a more holistic view of their performance. Do you have people who work as consultants and want to get feedback from clients? Or do you want to invite freelancers to give feedback in reviews?

As an Admin, you can enable the ability to add external reviewers to participate in a review. With this organization setting, you can add external reviewers in a review:

  • as an admin during participation selection

  • as a feedback participant during the reviewer selection phase (if applicable)

  • as a manager during the manager approval phase (if applicable)

How to enable External Reviewers in Reviews

  1. From an account with Admin rights, click on 'Settings' from the navigation bar

  2. Click on the 'Feedback' tab

  3. Under 'Feedback anonymity' select 'External Reviewers'

4. Toggle "Enable external feedback in reviews"

  • On = green

  • Off = black

5. Add the link to your company privacy policy.

Note: The privacy policy is required for processing data of participants outside your organization. A link to your privacy policy will be attached to the review request and will be visible to the external reviewers when completing the review. Before submitting the review, external reviewers will agree to the terms of your privacy policy.

Once this is enabled, you can start inviting external reviewers to Reviews!

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