Inviting external reviewers to certain reviews will allow you to have a more holistic view of your performance. Do you work as a consultant and want to get some feedback from your clients on your performance? If your company has enabled External Feedback then you can add an external reviewer during the reviewer selection phase.

Adding External Reviewers

Click on the reviewer selection task on your home page on Impraise. Alternatively, you should have also received an email with an invitation link which will take you directly to your review tasks.

Add your external reviewers by typing in their email address in the search bar. External reviewers will be displayed with a purple icon and only their email address will be visible.

Once you are happy with your selection, click 'I'm done' and 'Finish'

Suggested Reviewers

You may open your peer selection task and see people already selected, including external reviewers. These are 'pre-selected reviewers'.

You can select additional external reviewers by typing their email address into the search bar and pressing enter.

'Pre-selected reviewers' can be editable or non-editable depending on the set up of the review. If they are editable you will see a "Remove" button next to the name or your reviewer.

If the pre-selected reviewers are non-editable, you can select additional reviewers only.

Tip: You can edit your selection after you have clicked submit, and the reviewer selection deadline has not passed by clicking on your 'Select reviewers' task under your completed tasks.

Manager Approval

Your manager may need to approve the external reviewers you have selected. If so, you will see the following message:

Next Steps

You will be sent an email when your review starts with a link to the review. So for now, you're done!

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