External Reviews allow you to invite partners from outside your organization to participate as reviewers.

Q: What security measures do we have in place to prevent external people from accessing internal data?

A: Impraise provides external people with a different fingerprint that gives them access to a single resource, this gives us(Impraise) the power to control what external people can see. On top of that, we implemented a separate API that is used to allow external people to access that single resource without compromising internal data by implementing per field authorization which in return adds constraints on which data points external people can access within a resource.

Q: Can I invite external people to participate in Feedback Requests?

A: Currently we only allow external people to participate in reviews only.

Q: Can I invite the same external people more than once?

A: Yes you can invite the same external people to provide feedback to multiple people on the same review or on different reviews.

Q: Can I add external people as recipients in my reviews?

A: No, you can only invite external people as reviewers only.

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