An exit survey is a useful way to measure why people leave your company and what you could change to improve retention. Exit Interviews should focus on the company but also gives employees an opportunity to provide their opinions and share what led to their decision to leave.

To set up an exit survey you need to have an HR admin account. If you're unsure whether such an account exists in your Impraise environment, please contact Support@imprasie.com or consult your Customer Success Manager.

Quick Set-Up:

1. Create a review: select Custom Review

2. Participants:

Recipients: Select your HR Admin account.

Reviewers: Select the leaving employee to complete the survey.

3. Questions: Add questions to gather information on why the employee is leaving and what can be improved.

4. Scheduling: Add in the dates for your survey.

5. Communication: Add your survey title and instructions.

6. Reporting: share the report non-anonymously/anonymously with the feedback receiver. Add your Generic HR Admin account as a non-anonymous/anonymous observer.

7. Click the "Schedule Review" button to get your survey started!

Note: in this review, only the leaving employee will be completing a review task. The HR admin account will not take any action.

Looking for ideas on what questions and instructions to use? Download our Exit Survey Template!

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