Managers are more effective at building strong teams if they’re able to develop a deeper connection and fully understand the needs of their people. How does each team member feel? How are they performing against expectations? How are they working together? Having the answers to these questions allows the manager to focus their precious time and energy on coaching their team and having the conversations that matter.

What is Teambase?

Impraise offers a single space where managers can do exactly this with Teambase. This feature takes the challenge of staying in touch with team health away from managers by giving them access to team insights generated through practices and a central results dashboard.

What is a practice?

A practice is a set of actions or events taken to achieve a pre-defined goal. For example, run a Team Collaboration survey with the goal of improving the way the team works together.

The results from practices are presented clearly to help busy managers understand what needs attention and suggested actions are provided to guide improvements.

Performance, People, and Team Dynamics

Teambase focuses on the areas of Performance, People, and Team Dynamics. Managers can track the progress of each of these areas and specific questions over time to see trends of their team’s evolution and growth.


The area of Performance covers how a team is delivering on their objectives, if team members demonstrate team and company values, and the impact of the work delivered as measured by success metrics.

Why is Performance important?

Without tracking performance, managers lose the ability to measure progress, assess if the team is on track, or if any objectives have been accomplished. Without the ability to measure the progress and outcome of initiatives, it can be difficult to provide a sense of accomplishment within the team that motivates individuals to grow.


The People area covers everything that makes us human, placed within the context of a working environment. This includes the well-being of team members, but also their motivation, engagement, preferences, and aspirations.

Why is People important?

Managers need to keep in mind the individual needs and motivations of their team members to create a high-performing team. Not one individual is the same, and managers need to balance the different needs within the team. Not paying attention to this area can lead to a drop in motivation and engagement within their team.

Team Dynamics

The area of Team Dynamics covers everything that allows people to work together effectively towards an objective or a goal. This includes the ability for team members to collaborate, the ability to trust each other, and the ability to effectively and respectfully communicate.

Why are Team Dynamics Important?

Managers will only get the best out of their team if they manage to support individuals to work together effectively. In turn, this will increase the productivity of each individual and accelerate their growth. Not paying attention to this area will lead to a drop in performance, create misalignments, and reduce both motivation and engagement.

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