Why do you need a team engagement practice?

In order to support your team and provide them with the best environment to do their best work - the easiest way to get started is to simply ask - but how? This lightweight practice will not only help you surface insights that might be bothering team members, but it will also provide you with simple next steps, and plays you can run with your team. It is a start to generating empathy, understanding different viewpoints, and fostering better collaboration.

How does it work?

This practice consists of a ready to go survey template that you can share with your team. After your team has filled in their responses, you will get an overview of the results. Lastly, based on the results, there will be a variety of different plays, and next steps you can run with your team.

The survey is anonymous. We have kept it this way so that team members feel confident to answer as truthfully as possible.

Below is the list of questions your team members will be asked to answer when you send out the Engagement practice.

They will be asked to answer these questions by using a scale from 1 "Strongly Disagree" to 5 "Strongly Agree":

How satisfied are you working in your team?

I know what I need to do to be successful in my role.

I have conditions and access to the things I need to do my job well.

I have the opportunity to use my strengths and skills every day at work.

I have received recognition or praise in the last 2 weeks.

I feel like someone cares about me as a person.

I feel encouraged to work on my development.

I feel like my ideas and opinions are heard.

My role makes me feel important because I contribute to the company mission.

I am proud of the work my team produces.

I can count on my colleagues.

In the past 4 weeks, I've discussed my performance with someone.

I have the opportunity to grow in my role.

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