Why do you need a Collaboration Check-in?

Collaborating remotely can be tough! You have fewer touchpoints and spontaneous social interactions with your team, but you still need to make sure you can work as one and support each other. With this practice, you can gauge your team's feelings on where you should collectively improve and where you, as a manager, can offer more support.

How does it work?

This practice consists of a ready to go survey template that you can share with your team. After your team has filled in their responses, you will get an overview of the results. Lastly, based on the results, there will be a variety of different actions and next steps you can run with your team.

You will be able to see the feedback giver's name in this practice.

Below is the list of questions your team members will be asked to answer using a scale from 1 "Strongly Disagree" to 5 "Strongly Agree":

Last week/month, the priorities of the team were clear to me

Last week/month, I had enough focus time to get my own work done

Last week/month, my team got back to me in a timely manner

Last week/month, when I needed help my team was there for me

Last week/month, all team decisions happened fast enough

Last week/month, I felt connected to my team

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