When using the Objectives Tracker Practice, you will have an overview of this practice on the Teambase dashboard that shows the combined progress team objectives and the distribution across off-track, at-risk, on-track objectives.

Select "View all progress" to get a more detailed view of Team and Individual OKRs. You can look at results from past OKRs cycles as long as you have previously used the Objectives Tracker Practice for that cycle.

Team OKRs

You can view how many OKRs there are in total in your team as well as the overall combined progress. Below the overview, you can see specifically how many and which objectives and key results are off-track, at-risk, or on-track.

Use the drop-down arrow next to an objective to expand the view and show key results and contributing objectives. You can select an objective or a key result to view the OKR in detail.

Individual OKRs

For individual objectives, you can view how many OKRs each person has as well as the overall combined progress of their individual objectives.

Select the dropdown arrow to expand the view to show all objectives and key results, including the progress and the status.

You can also select the arrow button next to a person's name to view their OKRs in detail on their people profile.

Insights and Actions

The Objectives Tracker will give you insights and actions to take based on the objectives of your team.

Insights are provided in the event that:

  • a team or individual has no objectives

  • an objective has no key results

  • an objective hasn't been updated for 3 or more weeks

  • an objective or key result is off-track or at-risk

  • an objective has been achieved

Suggested actions are provided to help you improve and help your team such as:

  • reading an article on how to set effective OKRs

  • creating an objective

  • discussing team objectives during a team meeting

  • discussing an OKR during a 1:1

  • giving someone praise

Now that you know how, make sure to set up the Objectives Tracker for your team so that you can keep track of progress, help team members when they are blocked, and get insights and suggested actions to help your team improve!

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