Setting up a practice in Teambase is easy! In this guide, you will learn what steps to take.

Set up a new Objectives Tracker

The Objectives Tracker was created for the managers to keep track of the delivery of key results and help team members progress when they are blocked.

  1. Select Teambase

  2. Select "Start Now" under the Objectives Tracker.

This will take you to a short introduction that will give you more information about the practice, including a preview of what it looks like, how this will help your team, and how it works. When you are ready, select "set up practice."

Once you click on "set up practice" you will be asked to:

  1. Select your team. You also have the option to select only your direct reports.

    Note: You will not see team OKRs in your tracker practice if you have set it up for only your direct reports. You will only see their individual OKRs.

  2. Select the cadence that you use for objective setting in your team: every quarter, every 6 months, every year.

  3. Start the practice

You can also decide if you want to include overdue objectives from previous OKRs cycles.

Once you've done this, your Objectives Tracker Dashboard will be created and ready for you to use!

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