Setting up a Wellbeing Check-in is easy! In this guide, you will learn what steps to take.

How to set up the Wellbeing Check-in

The Wellbeing Check-in was created to help managers gauge how their team is feeling so you can find the right balance between productivity and wellbeing for long-term success.

When on the Teambase overview page, select "Set Up Practice" under Wellbeing Check-in.

This will take you to a short overview that explains why you might use it, how it works, and what questions are included. You can also see a preview of the survey that your team will receive and of the result page.

When you are ready, select "Continue" to select the settings for your Wellbeing check-in.

  1. Select your team: you can select a specific team, or select to run the practice only for your direct reports.

  2. Instructions: add specific instructions to your team on filling out the survey, or what you will do with their responses afterward.

  3. Start date and time: select the day and time that you want the survey to start.

  4. Recurring: Select how often you want this practice to occur. It is possible to schedule the Wellbeing Check-in as a recurring event on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every 3-month basis. You can also make it a single event by selecting "does not repeat."
    We suggest you run a Wellbeing Check-in on a monthly basis to keep track of your team and stay agile, without fatiguing your team members.

  5. Deadline: Select the deadline for participants to respond to the survey. It can be 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks after the initial Check-in is sent out.

When you are ready, select "Schedule" to get the practice started.

How to edit and pause the Wellbeing Check-in

In the Teambase overview, you will see the practices that are currently running. If you need to pause or edit the Wellbeing Check-In, you can do so by clicking the three dots in the right-hand corner of the practice.

Note: After pausing the Wellbeing Check-in you can reactivate it at any given time.

You will have real-time access to responses from your team as they come in. Check out how to use the results to learn how to focus on the next steps and optimize your team.

Are you a manager interested in getting actionable insights you can use to help build and improve your team? Check out the Wellbeing Check-in and other practices on Teambase today!

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