After the Wellbeing Check-in has ended, the manager gets notified that the results of the team are ready. However, the responses can be seen in real-time on the Teambase page within Impraise even while the survey is ongoing, as long as there are responses.

In the overview on Teambase for the Wellbeing Check-in, you can see multiple statistics, such as:

  • overall average score

  • highest/lowest scoring question

  • the number of responses on each question

Using the "View results" button you will be able to see the results of the practice which shows an overview of the current response rate and the overall average score. It is also possible to see the progression of the team’s results over time, from a time period of one month to a year.

By navigating through the questions you can get a clear overview of the topics that are on track or that need your team’s (immediate) attention.

You will see the average score per question, the change since the last time the survey was run, as well as the progress over time.

Insights and suggested actions are offered for each question to help you improve your team. The Wellbeing Check-in also shows the distribution of the ratings per question, who in your team selected which rating, and any comments they left for that question.

There will be insights and suggested actions to take for each question.

An example of an insight could be that 3 or more team members responded with "strongly disagree" to a question.

Suggested actions are provided to help you improve and help your team such as:

  • reading an article

  • Watching a video

  • creating an objective

  • adding the question as a 1:1 topic with team members

  • a short tip such as "Try having a team discussion around what you each enjoy"

Now that you know how to, you can start tracking and improving your team's wellbeing!

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