25 October 2021

Last week we release, one last major update for you as we now enter the maintenance phase (since Impraise has been acquired by BetterUp).

You can now remove all or a group of participants easily when setting up a Review! No more need to remove added participants one-by-one. Simply click to edit participants and make the changes you need!

11 October 2021

We kicked off October by improving multiple bugs in Impraise and adding some new features to improve how you manage users:

  • Admins can now see all profiles of external users that have been added to their organization, deactivate them and then add these members as users of their organization.

  • Admins can also invite all users, who have not signed up yet with one click.

  • Did your CSV file import fail? We will explain the reasons behind it, so you can fix the relevant rows and continue with importing users.

27 September 2021

Over the past two weeks, we have been working hard on ensuring your Impraise experience is seamless, by fixing many bugs and issues on our product. Let's highlight a few:

  • Improved how we schedule Teambase Practices, especially those recurring every month

  • Strengthened our password policy and now highlight how secure your chosen password is when you set up your account or change your password

  • Ensured you can always view more responses in reports

  • Fixed how bulleted lists show, especially with longer text

13 September 2021

During the last two weeks, we put a lot of effort into fixing bugs and further improving your team overview in Teambase. You can now view your team member and the insights related to them in Teambase. Click on a team member to get more details, see their recent feedback or schedule a 1:1. Switch to view different teams.

30 August 2021

More new features coming your way with the goal to provide a better overview of your team in Teambase:

  • You can now filter the Practices you set up to keep a better overview of each team.

  • We simplified how we present your team data too. Once your Practice data comes in we will show you the average score and how it changed over time. This way you get a better idea of the state of your team in one glance. Curious to get more insights? Just click to view the results.

  • We aim to give you the best overview of your team and for that you need data. To know which data you are interested in, we released a few ideas we have on future Practices. Are you interested in having them? Click to let us know.

16 August 2021

Over the past few weeks we introduced a few new features and some improvements around Reviews:

  • Follow up on your 1:1 conversations with the newly released action items.

  • Add a note to your Review report to share your thoughts and next steps.

  • Check out how we simplified presenting anonymous answers and other visuals in your Review reports.

2 August 2021

In the last two weeks, we worked on fixing some bugs. Check out the improvements we made:

  • Changed the copy when creating Reviews to bring more clarity around Reviewers and Participants.

  • Ensured that you can only add Reviewers for the Feedback requests that you created yourself.

  • Removed the option to create a 1:1 with yourself when looking at your Teambase insights in an OKRs Tracker Practice.

  • Fixed the issue that caused Teambase to send out more emails than it should.

19 July 2021

Over the past few weeks, we introduced a few new features!

  • When creating a Review, you can now set a soft or a hard deadline for the self-assessment. You can also select which reminders will be sent out for self-assessment.

  • Did you forget to include some of your colleagues when asking for feedback? You can now add more reviewers to any existing Feedback request.

We also fixed multiple bugs and added smaller changes to improve your Impraise experience:

  • Improved the layout when selecting a Practice in Teambase. We will now show managers if their team has submitted responses or not on the overview page, so they can decide what to do next in one view.

  • Added example instructions to the Wellbeing Practice to help managers explain to their team why they are asking them these questions and why wellbeing matters.

  • Fixed an issue where an Objectives could not be closed because the Key Result it contributed to had been deleted.

  • Made sure that the manager approval phase shows in the Review timeline and that you can add or remove Review reminders in ongoing Reviews with self-assessments.

  • And much more ;)

5 July 2021

Introducing Teambase's Wellbeing Check-in! You can now send out a survey to your team or direct reports to get feedback on:

  • How engaging they find their work

  • Whether they are able to relax and recharge outside or during working hours

  • If they are feeling healthy and full of energy

  • And much more

Over the past weeks we also introduced a few more improvements:

  • When setting up a Review deactivated users no longer show in the participant list.

  • Users who log in using Single sign-on must fill in their password in order to validate their account.

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