Would you like your managers to start using Teambase but you’re unsure where to start or how to support them? We’re here to help! By following the suggested plan below you’ll have your managers using Teambase in no time.

Familiarize yourself with Teambase

Consider these Questions

Plan your Training and Rollout

Follow up After the Rollout


Familiarize yourself with Teambase

  1. What is Teambase and why should you want your managers to use it in the first place? Check out the video below for a short introduction.

  2. Explore the available practices and try it out yourself! If you are not currently a manager in Impraise ask your Customer Success Manager to set up a sandbox environment for you.

Consider these questions

  1. What is the objective you want to achieve with introducing Teambase to managers and how will you measure it? Set a clear and actionable goal to work towards with your teams and managers.

  2. How do you want to communicate Teambase with the rest of the company? Company-wide led by leadership/HR or team level led by managers?

  3. Are there specific practices you want managers to use or others that you prefer they not use?

  4. Is your user management in Impraise up to date? Are teams correct? Is the hierarchy correct?

  5. Should managers use practices for their teams or their direct reports?

  6. Are your managers prepared to take action based on the results, or do they need training?

Plan your training and rollout

  1. Define your desired launch date.

    Once you know when you want to start, start planning your communication and training approach. You might find that you will need to push back your launch or simplify your approach.

  2. Define your communication plan.

    We recommend sending an awareness email and then following up with an introduction presentation either at a company level or in smaller groups.

  3. Identify and schedule functional training for managers.

    Teambase has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but you may want to walk them through it once to be able to answer questions.

  4. Identify and schedule other training sessions that will help your managers feel confident following up on the results in Teambase.

  5. Deliver communication and training based on your plan.

Follow up after the rollout

  1. Set up a survey for your managers to get a better understanding of how they are doing and what support they need. Use the results for follow-up discussions with the managers who express they’re still unsure of how they are doing.

  2. Set up a bi-weekly office hour for your managers to come to you with questions.


Awareness Email

Introduction Presentation

Follow up Survey

If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager to talk it through together. We are here to help you find the best approach to rolling out Teambase at your company.

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