Review reports within Impraise are also available to be downloaded in PDF format. This can be handy if you want to be able to share the report with someone who does not have access to Impraise in your organization, or for your own records.

Downloading review reports for users

Users have the option to download their own personal review reports, as long as the sharing settings have given them access to the reports. Individual reports can be accessed one of two ways:

  1. Through the Report tab on your Feedback page. Here you will see all review reports shared with you. Simply navigate to the review you want to download.

  2. Through the Review page. Simply navigate to the review you want to download and then go to the report page.

When the review report is open you can select "Download report."

You will receive a pop-up message like the one below letting you know that the export is complete and that your report is ready to download. Select "Download your report."

Downloading review reports for admin

If you have been added as an Observer on a review, you will have access to all review reports for that review. Observers have the option to "download all" reports for a specific review.

  1. Select the review from the Reviews page

  2. Navigate to the Review tab page

  3. Select "download all reports"

You will receive a pop-up message like the one below, letting you know that you will receive an email link to download all reports once you have selected "request reports."

When you receive the email with the link, ensure you open the link and download the review reports within 7 days. After this time the link will no longer be valid.

Note: It is not possible to download a PDF of the report from a Pulse Survey and it is not possible to download ALL reports across all reviews at once.

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